I’ve though that. This world. The net world. Will keep us more than this body can. Even your worse, your good, and experiences. If you share it in this ‘world’, it couldnt be erase. Except you delete and left it behind.

And this world, keep the memories better than our brain. Base on what we write and shared. Everybody will die. And wolrd will end. But since the day come, I just asking for how long this ‘world’ survive.

Will my grand grand grand son can open this write. And find that 100 years ago. His grand grand grand ma write this though in her room, in dark of Banjarmasin city, the city that very mess out. I talk about the garbage everywhere, people throw garbage in street, and spit the ‘sputum’ ‘yeiks’ in street. Will he read this and imagine how mess this city would be? And he compare with the sooo faaar more better Banjarmasin city right now in 100 later years. Or, he will just gaspering and say, ‘it never change grand ma’.

I just hope people change. Because people change everytime. But the different is, how much better the changes?